Welcome to Colourcaste.

Colourcaste is a story about fighting back and surviving, set in a dystopian future where the cost of peace is segregation, fear and propaganda. It follows the generations of a single family, beginning with Winter Pearl Bleach, a young woman whose very existence threatens the society she lives in.

I’m using The Sims 3, a game I’ve long loved, to help me illustrate my story, I’ve created the environments and people who appear in my tale to help bring the world of Tayberry Brooks to you as vividly as it appears in my head.

I hope you will give the first chapter a try and maybe keep reading. Let me know if you do (or why you wont even!). I read everything, learn from it and hope to continue to grow as a storyteller.

Without further ado….

Read the first installment of Colourcaste

Prologue: Forged in Darkness



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